In this section you can find out about the unique experiences offered by our travel agency, all typical of our area, which you can book in advance.


One of the products that define our gastronomy is our Manchego Cheese, hand-crafted from La Mancha sheep's milk, a unique breed of sheep, adapted since ancient times to this dry and extreme ecosystem. Visit places where cheese is made from the field, getting to know the Manchego sheep, to the plate, tasting the Manchego Cheese.

Alcázar de San Juan - Herencia - Manzanares - El Toboso


The extra virgin olive oil with Denomination of Origin La Mancha is characterized by its high quality, its aroma and its flavor, thanks to our climate and the history of cultivation, collection, production, packaging, distribution and consumption. 

On this route, you can discover an interesting ethnological heritage, enjoy restaurants where oil is used as an ingredient, and rest in incredible accommodations that our travel agency has arranged with this town.

El Toboso - Mora - Madridejos - Alcázar de San Juan -  Campo de Criptana


Talking about the cultivation of saffron in La Mancha is talking about history and the fusion of cultures and flavors. 
On the Saffron Route we travel from the countryside, where we talk about the towns and workers, to the plate, where we talk about saffron as a magical ingredient that transforms the flavor of our salty and sweet dishes into unique experiences. Saffron is the “red gold” of La Mancha!

Villarobledo - Madridejos - Consuegra - La Solana - Villafranca de los Caballeros


Sweeten your life by visiting the Honey Route! The honey made by our bees from the nectar of the aromatic wild flowers that grow in our fields, results in a subtle and aromatic honey that reminds us of its floral origin.

We invite you to discover this beautiful process of honey extraction by beekeepers, visit the towns of the La Alcarria region that extends through the province of Guadalajara and Cuenca, and then we invite you to try our dishes and to rest in accommodations that our travel agency has arranged with the towns of interest!

Peñalver - Sigüenza - Guadalajara