Route du Vin de la Mancha


In terms of hectares of vineyards, Castile-La Mancha is the most extensive wine-growing region in the world. The La Mancha Wine Route will give you the chance to savour the exquisite wines of this region, and to discover all the tradition that surrounds them. It also offers a whole world of experiences in the land that was the inspiration for the wanderings of one of literature's most famous knights, Don Quixote.


La Mancha offers a broad variety of wines, going from excellent reds to light sparkling wines, not forgetting high-quality rosés and whites. In general, you will come across wines with a fruity flavour, bright colour and a wealth of aromatic nuances.


The route comprises the following towns and villages: Alcázar de San Juan,El Toboso, Socuéllamos, Tomelloso, Villarrobledo, Campo de Criptana and . The way of life and traditions of these municipalities have been closely linked with wine production for centuries. In this region you will find unique landscapes, where windmills can be seen rising above endless plains of vineyards, along with interesting artistic heritage, given that it lies on the Don Quixote Route, Europe's longest eco-tourism itinerary. Use the map on this page to see all the destinations that form part of the La Mancha Wine Route.

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Delicious gastronomy with an outstanding protagonist: Manchego cheese.

The Don Quixote Route: various stages of Europe's longest eco-tourism itinerary run through the region. Don't miss the famous windmills at Campo de Criptana.

Historic sites such as those to be found at El Toboso, Villarrobledo and Tomelloso.

Nature areas of immense value such as , the Ruidera Lakes and the lakes at Alcázar de San Juan.

If you need more information, enquire at any of the tourist offices.


Resultado de imagen de ruta vino mancha

This route is located in the Region of Castile-La Mancha, in central Spain, between the provinces of Ciudad Real, Albacete and Cuenca. From the capital, Madrid, the destinations on the La Mancha Wine Route are some 150-200 kilometres away. Road communications are excellent. It is easy to get here on the A-3, A-4 and A-42 motorways. There is also good rail access, with an AVE high speed service daily from Madrid that will get you to Ciudad Real in 50 minutes. Other daily rail services also depart from Madrid which stop at many of the towns and villages that figure on this route: depending on the destination chosen, your journey will take between an hour and a half and two hours.


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