From Don Quixote Tours we offer a language tourism product that combines learning Spanish with some tourist visits. Spanish classes are taught at the same time that tourists visit the lands of Don Quixote. In this way, they not only learn a language, but also know the history and culture of the place.

Toledo offers international tourists a place to learn an excellent Spanish. This project is carried out in collaboration with the University of Castilla la Mancha (UCLM). Thanks to this collaboration we can offer quality classes at the same time that we offer the complete tourist service.

The UCLM gives international students of Spanish the possibility of studying inside historical buildings with excellent facilities and services. The product therefore includes a series of traditional English classes and a set of tourist activities in the city of Toledo.

The courses are endorsed by the Cervantes Institute, which grants a series of certificates upon completion.

We offer the possibility of making the trip all-inclusive to make it as comfortable as possible. The offer includes trips, stays, courses and different activities, for a fixed price.

The main activities that tourists can do, apart from learning the language, are visiting different monuments in Toledo, as well as the Quixote Route.

Gastronomy is also of great importance, since tourists can try the traditional dishes of the area, typical of Castilian food. In addition, they enjoy the wine and different activities related to it such as the visit to wineries or participate in the “Sunset Wine”.

The natural wealth of Castilla la Mancha also allows many activities related to ecology and a series of outdoor activities. Everything is done in a respectful and sustainable way with the environment.

Therefore, this is not just a Spanish course.  It consists of knowing in depth the culture, gastronomy, history and nature of the area while learning the language.